Nature’s Reminders to Man

Posted on: January 20, 2010

Torrents of thousand mountain-falls
cannot make a single-watt bulb glow
until tunnelled through a guided path
to move a turbine for the power to flow!

Clouds of stream drift and dissolve in the sky,
untapped fuels in Earth’s womb lie in dust,
but never make a train roll or a plane fly,
until channelled to drive inner pistons first!

Ample gases, solar heat and fuels on Earth,
bloat the space; parch and scorch every corner;
yet, they do not kindle in homes a single hearth,
until refined and funnelled to ignite a burner!

Ever thought of the fierce power of fire?
it can raze towns and forests to rubble and mire,
and yet not cook for us a morsel of food,
until tamed, managed and carefully ruled.

Infinite potential and talent in humans too lie galore.
Yet, no personality ever grows great or truly ripe,
until it is focused, trained, motivated and more —
until you bring in a turning point in your live!

Karan Kharb in the book titled “Made to Lead”


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